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Included in your DK Headshot package is complete retouching for three individual headshots.

Additional retouching is $35/picture or $100 for four.

Dennis personally oversees the retouching of each individual photograph. We are willing to retouch photos from other photographers as well.

One of the major advantages to shooting digital pictures is the relative ease with which we can retouch your selected photographs. Instead of worrying about that tiny pimple, scar, sunspot, or that box of donuts you accidentally snacked on prior to your shoot, you can focus on giving the camera the fierce looks that you need.

Dennis Kwan specializes in providing incredible NATURAL-looking retouches, avoiding that over-retouched "plastic" look you too often see coming out of retouching "factories" that handle thousands of images per day.

In post-production, our retouching specialists will improve your photographs to your exact specifications using a variety of techniques tailored to your needs. Listed below are just a few of the possibilities:

- Blemish Removal

- Skin Smoothing

- Body Contouring

- Facial Contouring

- Digital Shave

- Tooth Whitening

- Flyaway Hair Removal

- Ear/Nose Shaping

- Breast Augmentation

- Lazy-eye Correction

- Complete Head Transplant

...and much more!

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$35 each / $100 for four

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